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Hunny Hush

About Hunny

           Hunny HUSH ! The south never said so well.

Susan Armstrong of Hunny Hush is sole owner, operator, designer & maker of Hunny Hush. She started her art at the age of 12 oil painting with her Grandmother "Pon" Armstrong. With loads of encouragement from her and Susan's Mother, Gail, she kept the art alive through out her years.

From painting murals, refurbishing furniture, creating home decor, toying with candles and finally ending up Making Jewelry.


Susan was clueless in the beginning, 6 yrs ago, about the jewelry making and building jewelry process. Through months of learning techniques, and years of fails and triumphs she set her sights on what suited her personality of jewelry. 


She then found the art of etching, meaning she could revisit her love of drawing and painting on metal and combining with leathers to create one of a kind and original pieces of wearable art. Susan also has an original design thought with Mosaic Tiles. The process of adding your departed loved ones ashes, be it human or fur family, to tiny tiled pieces of jewelry. She is always learning and creating with what surrounds her in nature and everyday life.


She is grateful of the certainty of a starving artist has evolved in to her J-O-B. Quirky, goofy, loving life and eclectic gal, who wants people of all walks to enjoy the little things in life they can wear to remember. There's nothing like wearing a memory.

Susan Armstrong~ Hunny Hush